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Who We Are

At First Choice Glazing we have a repair before replace policy, if you are in doubt we can come and inspect your problem and give you impartial advice on what we can do for you.
Some products that are on older doors and windows are sometimes no longer available, we do our best to find an alternative that will repair either the door or window first.
We will always do our best to repair on the first visit however should we need to order a part to repair your door or window we will be as fast as we can.
If your door or window is not able to be repaired we can give you a quote for an installation of a brand new window or door this is at no obligation.
Most common problems with windows is the sealed unit failing which leaves a condensation on the inside of the glass this is easily repaired with a replacement unit which means you won’t have to get brand new windows.
Whether the window is broken, misted, cracked or shattered we can replace this for you.

Sleep in Absolute Peace Wake up to Bright Sunshine

Windows and doors are the last things we think will go wrong, but when they do we need a fix or replacement as soon as possible.  We will do our best to repair first before replacement, even if the product is out of guarantee or if the company that originally installed it has since gone out of business.

Our Principles

Totally independent - no affiliations

We are a small, independent business who aren’t tied to any of the big glazing companies.  What that means for you:

  • No Hard Sell
  • No Salesmen
  • No Gimmicks
  • Just Quality Products & Workmanship 
Here’s the main areas we cover:
  • UPVC Doors
  • Composite Doors
  • French & Patio Doors
  • All types of Windows